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My name is Matt Loyd, founder and designer of Moon Pillow. For as long as I can remember I've struggled with getting a good night's rest. Most nights were spent folding, flipping and fluffing my pillow trying to get comfortable. In 2021, I started working on the idea of overhauling a traditional pillow. After countless hours of research, development and prototypes...patents, and trademarks, I am excited to announce the Moon Pillow will is now live on Kickstarter.


Where the idea came from 

I never did like the design concept of a “traditional” pillow. Most were too big, too hot and offered little support. I knew there had to be a better design out there for me. After many pillows purchased, I still had not found one that cater to my needs and it made me wonder: 

  • Why are pillows rectangular when our heads are round?

  • Why are pillows 4x-8x the size of our heads? 

  • Where is the neck support?

  • Why can’t I find a pillow with added structural support, instead of just filling?

These simple questions started me on my quest to design the perfect pillow.  

Facetune_01-08-2022-02-29-20-modified (2).png
kickstarter support_edited.jpg

Prototype Progression

FVbeta3 PNG_edited.png
FVbeta2 PNG_edited.png
How the Moon Pillow was created? 

First, I began researching healthy sleep posture, main pressure points in our bodies and the basic curvature of the human skull and spine. Based on my research and simple questions mentioned above, I envisioned a round shaped pillow with a crater in the center. 


Once I had my initial design in mind, I purchased some foam and a turkey carver and got to work shaping my pillow prototype. It wasn’t perfect, so I recruited a professional from an auto upholstery shop to help with the rounded edges. Since June 2021, I’ve slept on it every night, making adjustments and adding additional components until it was perfect. In March of 2022 I filed a design patent on the Moon Pillow and am excited to share our product with people like you.

FVbeta4 PNG_edited.png






What’s Next?

We believe the Moon Pillow is truly out of this world! We are currently looking for backers and early users to secure enough capital to start production in the USA. If you’re interested in this idea, please consider supporting Moon Pillow on Kickstarter.




Kickstarter page can be found here

kickstarter support_edited.jpg
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