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  • Does Moon Pillow work for all sleep types?
    Yes, it was designed with all sleep types in mind. The Moon Pillow team has been testing different iterations of Moon Pillow for about 2 years. All of our team members (side, back and stomach sleepers) sleep on a Moon Pillow each night and have noticed improved sleep quality, less tension in neck and shoulders, as well as a cooler sleeping experience.
  • Can I buy a Moon Pillow today?
    Thank you for your interest in purchasing a Moon Pillow, we are currently fulfilling orders for Kickstarter backers at the moment. Once when we have delivered all pre-orders we will open direct purchase on our website, anticipated August, 2023.
  • When will I receive my Moon Pillow?
    We anticipate our Kickstarter backers will receive their pillow by July of 2023. We anticipate our Website launch to be available for direct purchase by August of 2023.
  • Where is the Moon Pillow made?
    Moon Pillow is designed and assembled in California. Our materials are made with 100% premium memory foam and sustainably sourced elastic polymer gel, from reputable suppliers across the globe.


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