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Mission Statement


The Moon Pillow Company's mission is to help improve your quality of sleep by improving our user's sleep experience. We do this through innovative designs, quality materials, and ergonomic emphases.

Our Story

The Moon Pillow was brought to life by founder and designer Matt Loyd.

The initial concept first came about when shopping for new pillows, we quickly realized that the pillow industry is virtually the same as it has been for the past 100 years. Sure the materials are nicer and softer, but nothing more is added to enhance the user's sleep experience.

We believed that there must be an ergonomic pillow that can help reduce the common neck kink, or stiff shoulder. The more we looked the more we realized there aren't many option out there.

At the Moon Pillow Company we wanted to change that, so we came up with something great. We started by understanding the body's natural curve and edges located around the head, neck and shoulders. We drew inspiration from many fields, from healthcare to ancient archeologists —did you know the Moon Pillow's ergonomic neck opening (and taper) was inspired by an ancient African wood pillow?

Once we had our first prototype we got to work, testing (fancy word for sleeping) and shaping different iterations. The Moon Pillow has seen more than 4 prototype phases before finally arriving at our finished product. We collected feed back from early testers and users and implemented their ideas into our design concept. What we created is a pillow that works for everybody.

No matter your preference, side, back or stomach sleeper, firm pillow or soft pillow, what ever it may be, the Moon Pillow is just what you need!

Our Commitment

At the Moon Pillow Company we strive to create quality innovative products. All of our materials are sourced with top rated manufacturers and sustainable suppliers. We are somewhat perfectionists, having spent 2 years making this pillow just right, we promise to bring that same perseverance when it comes to delivering you a premium product. As a two person team, we take pride in what we do and what we are trying to accomplish. we are so  thankful to our customers and early backers for helping us share The Moon Pillow with the rest of the world. 

Let's reimagine the way you sleep!

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